Techniques That Will Make Her Wet

Women are believed to be capable of having multiple orgasms. However, most of them fail to achieve this because most men prefer to quench their desire first. What most men do not know is that it gets much easier to make her orgasm when she is wet. Thus, as a guy, you must work on your wooing skills to get her much closer. Below are some of the things that are a must do to make her wet.

  1. Give her genuine compliments

As we can all agree, women love attention. When you say nice things to a woman, it doesn’t matter whether you are flirting or not. Give her genuine care and compliments about her beauty. Check on her through calls and even through texts. Knowing that you are concerned about her is a turn on for many.

  1. Seduce her in chats

Once you realize that she is getting comfortable with who you are and what you want to establish with her, keep the connection real. Make the platform comfortable for sexting. You must be thorough in this area. Ensure that your texts are welcomed and have a positive response. Remember that, for some, they may get a bad idea of you wanting to get to their pants. Be romantic and curious to know what she is wearing to bed and how you would love to see her in her nightwear. You can be explicit if she wishes to go further with you. By this, she will be yearning for your next meeting.

  1. Make her feel special

Candle lit dinners in a secluded place is a fantastic idea. Make the moment sparkle by being innovative, confident and initiative. Look into her passionately indicative of your desire to kiss her. Be gentle while initiating it. Make her feel wanted and that you are not in a rush to do anything against her wish. Here, she feels that you respect her, and she can be comfortable to be adventurous with you.

  1. Be creative in the way you touch her.

Once kissing has taken the better part of the two of you, focus on exploring her erogenous zones. Gently kiss her neck, behind the ears and reach to her breasts. Cuddle them gently to escalate her arousal. Reach to her nipples and nibble on them as you playfully suck them. Gently run your fingers on her thighs, reach her inner thighs and rub her vagina. By the time you reach to take her pants off, you will realize that she is soaking wet. She is ready for a penetration which you can gladly afford.

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